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Audit Services

The primary purpose of EYAM audit services is the collection of reliable, relevant and adequate evidence and the provision of an independent view of the financial statements of our clients. Through our audit services we help businesses in achieving their objectives and succeeding through the evaluation of efficiency, risk management and proper use of knowledge.

Apart from our long experience, we have the advantage of having access to information regarding the trends in various business issues, either as potential risks or as hidden opportunities to improve their efficiency.

The audit services we provide are based on the following:

  • Board Member leading role

  • Understanding of our client’s business activities and expectations

  • Communication Competence

The audit services we provide may be categorised according to the clients’ needs as follows:
Statutory controls of financial statements
Financial and management controls with specific features and purposes

Other audit services:

  • Guidance and help in the composing of financial statements

  • Limited reviews

  • Due Diligence

  • Internal audit systems controls

Tax Services

The tax department of EYAM provides full tax support and compliance to the local Tax Laws, as well as tax planning and advisory services to a significant number of local and abroad companies through a team of specialized tax advisors, highly experienced in the field of local and international tax and other related accounting matters.

Among the core functions of our tax advisory department, is the provision of specialized tax opinions on specific matters raised by our clients in the following fields:

  • Corporate Taxation

  • Personal Income Tax

  • Value Added Tax (VAT)

  • Capital Gains Tax

  • Stamp Duty Tax

Our services include the provision of written tax advice to our clients in the form of a tax opinion or a report.


The Consultancy Services of EYAM consists of experienced and specialized advisors. Through their advices and suggestions, they contribute substantially to the achievement of the business objectives.

Through their knowledge and experience, our advisors can help businesses and organizations to plan and implement strategic and financial programs, which allow them to better meet market’s needs and achieve the desired economic growth.

  • Accounting Services

  • Management Consultancy

  • Due Diligence

  • Other Services


Businesses need reliable, accurate and timely financial information in order to manage their operations effectively. Using the most advanced hardware and software of the market and very well trained staff, our firm has the background to provide complete accounting services, based on the International Accounting Standards.

We tailor our approach to your requirements so we can provide exactly the service you need. We help our clients to grow and develop at the pace they want. This is the key element of our service and adds considerable value to our clients’ businesses

Management Consultancy

Companies may face management problems at any time. Corporate transactions have become more complex. It will be our pleasure to give professional advice on any management problem, which clients may face in order to devise the best alternative solution and avoid any unexpected loss.

We can provide our clients with services, such as preparation of feasibility studies, budgets and cash flow statements or even building up an effective internal control system.

Due Diligence

No deal should go forward without due diligence, an investigation and independent assessment into the affairs of the business that checks the target is all it claims to be. Our role is to review financial records and provide the potential investor or purchaser with critical information, either to confirm representations made, or provide feedback to renegotiate the terms.

By saying the above, we mean that we can:

  • Identify areas of potential risk

  • Assess current management

  • Evaluate systems and procedures

  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of the business target

  • Provide valuation services

  • Evaluate trends

Whether you are negotiating an acquisition, entering a joint venture, or extending credit to a borrower, we can provide you with the documentation that you need to make a well-informed decision.

Other Services

In order to be able, to provide fully and high standard services, we have created our own network of associates, legal advisors, bankers and business advisors all over the world.

Our firm may assist entrepreneurs in companies’ incorporations, in Cyprus or abroad, providing them as well, with secretarial services, bank accounts opening and the provision of other similar services, in order for a newly incorporated company to be able to start its trading activities.

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